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whatsapp privacy messages
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Today i will tell you about WhatsApp privacy messages and the latest update mentioned by WhatsApp. Their were many misconceptions in the mind of people regarding the new privacy policy changed by WhatsApp. Everyone was getting worried about they have to accept that privacy policy or not.

What WhatsApp Earlier said?

Firstly, You have to agree to certain terms and conditions that were asked by WhatsApp some days ago. Their were certain points that were included in the new 2021 privacy policy of Whatsapp. Generally we do not read such long messages, their are some technical jargons and messages inside that note. Do not worry! I will tell you what was inside that privacy policy.


How does WhatsApp Messages work?

Firstly, i would love to tell you about how the Whatsapp messages work. When we send any message, photo or video to any particular person or in groups, does WhatsApp stores that message on its server? The answer is Yes and No.

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If we send any message on Whatsapp and if the person receives that message or if the message have been delievered to that person. Then, that message will get deleted from the WhatsApp server. But the undelivered messages will remain on the WhatsApp server for upto 30 days. After 30 days, the undelivered messages will also be deleted from the WhatsApp server.

That’s how the WhatsApp messaging works! I will also love to tell you that, the message stored on the WhatsApp server is end to end encrypted. It basically means that no one can read your private message. Your messages will stay between you and the receiver.


What does WhatsApp collects when you Install it?

When you will install WhatsApp, it will collect the details of your device like Model, operating system, battery level, signal strength, Mobile network, app version, etc. These all informations are collected by WhatsApp when you install it.

WhatsApp Location (What WhatsApp earlier said?)

We all know that their is a feature to share live location and current location on Whatsapp. We can send our locations to anyone and anytime. So when you send your locations, Whatsapp also identifies your location and they even use that. WhatsApp even earlier said that even if you do not share your location to anyone they even use your IP adress to identify your area.


What does WhatsApp share with Facebook?

We all know that Facebook owns WhatsApp, so some of your info is also transferred to Facebook. WhatsApp shares your account registration, transaction data, service related info, Mobile device information and even your IP address. Even if you do not own a Facebook account, your data from WhatsApp will transfer to Facebook.

WhatsApp legal Age?

WhatsApp have also stated that now people below age of 16 years are not allowed to use WhatsApp. Everyone now uses WhatsApp, even children aged 12 to 14 years are also using WhatsApp, but their is an age restriction. Only people above 15 years are allowed to use WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Ban Status?

Whatsapp in their privacy policy have also stated that, they have the right to ban you without notification. If you will send some messages or videos that are violating their rules like anti nationalists messages. WhatsApp will ban your account without even notifying you.

Latest Whatsapp Privacy Policy update

WhatsApp Privacy Messages

WhatsApp cannot see your WhatsApp Privacy Messages

WhatsApp Privacy Messages

They have clearly stated that neither Facebook and neither WhatsApp can see your WhatsApp privacy messages or hear to your private calls. End to end encrypted means they will be completely encrypted. It is their commitment that no one can read your private messages. It is your privacy only. WhatsApp will never change this security feature.


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WhatsApp does not keep your logs

WhatsApp Privacy Messages

They have also stated in their latest policy that mobile carriers and operators stores your logs. But WhatsApp will never save your logs as it will be a privacy as well a security risk. Around 2 billions users are using WhatsApp, so they will not keep the record of your logs for your safety.


WhatsApp can’t see your shared location

WhatsApp Privacy Messages

Earlier WhatsApp stated that they use their location when you share your current or private location to anyone. But now they have clearly stated that, Neither WhatsApp Nor Facebook will track your locations. Your location will remain between you and the receiver.

WhatsApp does not share Contacts with Facebook

WhatsApp Privacy Messages

They have also stated in their updated policy that when you give them permission to access your contacts. They only access your phone numbers from your address book to make your messaging fast and reliable. WhatsApp don’t save or share your contacts with Facebook.


WhatsApp groups remain Private

WhatsApp Privacy Messages

They have also defined that “we use group memberships to deliver messages and to protect our services from spam and abuse”. WhatsApp don’t share your data with Facebook. Your private groups will also remain end to end encrypted, no one can read them.

You can set your Messages to Disappear

WhatsApp Privacy Messages

In the new update, for your additional policy you can choose to set your messages to disappear from chats after you send them.


How to enable disappearing messages?

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat
  2. Tap the contact’s name
  3. Tap disappearing messages, if prompted, tap continue
  4. Select on

You can Download your Data

whatsapp privacy messages

Through the latest policy, you can even download your data to see what information they have on your account.


To request report?

  1. Go to WhatsApp settings > Account > Request account info
  2. Tap request report
  3. The screen will update to state request sent


This was my article about whatsApp privacy messages and its new update. I hope you have completely understood the new policy of WhatsApp clearly. I do not want any confusion in the mind of my readers. WhatsApp is completely safe to use. It you liked this article please share it to other WhatsApp users and Drop a Comment 🙂