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top 10 mobile companies in india
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Interested in knowing about Top 10 Mobile Companies in India? In this article i will discuss about CEO, Headquarters and popular phones of the top 10 mobile companies that have a great impact on the Indian mobile market.

India is one of the popular destinations for smartphone companies. India’s population is increasing day by day and it can cross the china’s population soon. Internet and mobile usage in India is ready to cross 900 million mark by 2023. So mobile companies have greater impact impact on the Indian mobile markets.


Lets start this article with a list of top 10 mobile companies in India that i will discuss in this article.


  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. OnePlus
  4. Xiaomi
  5. Realme
  6. Oppo
  7. Asus
  8. Motorola
  9. Vivo
  10. Google


apple company

Apple phones have seriously became a status symbol for everyone. In India everyone is fond with apple’s products due to its premium look and iOS operating system. From celebs to kids, first priority is undoubtedly Apple. It is an american company with headquarters located in California.


Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in April 1976. Comparing to other companies, Apple uses its own softwares and operating system like safari and iOS operating system which are loved by people.

Products include iphone, ipad, itv, iwatch, homepod speakers, Macbook, Airpods with softwares iOS, macOS, ipadOS, WatchOS, TvOS. Apple’s first phone was iphone 3G, after that iphones dominated other smartphone companies slowly.


Popular iphones include iphone 5 series, iphone 6 series and iphone X series and the recent iphone 11 series. These iphones were most famous due to their premium design and looks.

iPhone 6Rs 21,499 (32GB)
iPhone 6s PlusRs 34,900(32GB)
iPhone 5s Rs 15,000(16GB)
iPhone XRs 76,990(256GB)
iPhone XrRs 52,500(64GB)
iPhone 11Rs 68,300(64GB)
iPhone 11 pro Rs 1,06,600(64GB)


samsung company

Samsung has around 16% market share in India with its unique features and economical price range phones. Earlier Nokia had a high percentage of market share in India and Nokia phones were more purchased. Samsung calculated the increasing mobile phone users in India and defeatded Nokia after few years.


It is a South Korean company with headquarters located in Yeongtong-Gu. Current Samsung CEO are Koh Dong Jin and Kim Hyun Suk. Since 2011, Samsung became largest manufacturer of Mobile Phones using their Android operating system.

Since 2006, Samsung became the highest, manufacturer of televisions as well. Samsung’s first smartphone was the solstice series but the Galaxy series gained more popularity. Galaxy series were liked by people due to its economical range and Android features.


Samsung has diversified its products with tablets, phones, washing machines, refrigerators, TV’s and much more. Popular Samsung phones include Note series, galaxy fold, J series, A series, M series.


  1. Samsung A21s with Quad cam
  2. Samsung A31
Galaxy J7 DuoRs 17962(32GB)
Galaxy FoldRs 1,55,990(512GB)
Note 10 liteRs 39,999(128GB)
Galaxy S20 UltraRs 97,999(128GB)
Samsung A21sRs 16.499(64GB)
Samung A31Rs 20,999(128GB)
Samung M31Rs 19,900(128GB)


oneplus company

OnePlus smartphones have gained much popularity among youths in just few years. Started in December 2013 and gained popularity due to its premium design at low prices. Apple and Samsung premium smartphones costs high but OnePlus premium phones have comparatively low prices.


These smartphones also have a high resale value according to surveys, device quality, after sales support, etc. OnePlus smartphones runs on Android operating system. Personally, i am also OnePlus user and i am using Oneplus 7 since 1 year.

I also love its premium mirror glass design and its dash charge. The only thing i hate about OnePlus is their policy of not providing earphones or connector. It is a chinese company with headquarters located in Shenzhen. Founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei, former vice president of OPPO.


Along with smartphones, they have also launched smart TV’s to diversify their product line and competing with other television brands in India. Famous smartphones by OnePlus include OnePlus 3, 5,6,7 and the latest 8 series.

Along with its smartphones, Xiaomi also has powerbanks, backpacks, laptops, TV’s, etc



  1. OnePlus 8 Pro vs Redmi K30 Pro
  2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z at Rs 1,999
OnePlus 3Rs 27,999(discontinued)
OnePlus 5Rs 28,999(discontinued)
OnePlus 6Rs 34,999(discontinued)
OnePlus 7 Rs 32,999
OnePlus 8Rs 41,999(Latest)
OnePlus 8 proRs 54,999


xiaomi company

Xiaomi has the largest market share in the Indian market i.e 30%. Yes, 30% of Indian market share is acquired by Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a chinese based company with headquarters located in Beijing. Lei Jun is the CEO of Xiaomi with sub brands Mi, Redmi and POCO.

Mi is owned by Xiaomi and known for its premium range smartphhones. Price range of Mi smartphones are generally high compared to POCO and Redmi due to their premium phone category. Some smartphones include Mi Note 10, Mi 10, Mi mix alpha, Mi 9 pro, etc.


Redmi is also a sub-brand of Xiaomi, announced in July, 2013 specially to provide budget smartphones. Note 7 Pro, Note 8 Pro were killer phones and affordable one’s. Redmi provides all essential features in an economical range. The recent Redmi k20 and K20 Pro is also a top selling phone by Xiaomi.

Lastly, POCO is also a sub-brand by Xiaomi specially launched for providing affordable flagship smartphones to compete OnePlus and Samsung with their Flagships. The first phone of POCO was POCO F1 starting from Rs 20,999. The latest Smartphone by POCO is the M2 Pro.


So, Xiaomi wants to acquire the whole Indian smartphone market. It has phones ranging from low to high and even affordable flagship phones as well. This is the main reason for largest share by Xiaomi in the Indian market.

Along with smartphones, Xiaomi also has powerbanks, backpacks, routers, laptops, fitness band and much more.



  1. POCO M2 Pro
  2. Mi robot vacuum mop p
  3. Xiaomi Mi 10
Mi 10Rs 48,990(128GB)
Mi note 10 proRs 51,000
Mi mix alphaRs 1,94,000(roughly)
Redmi Note 7 ProRs 17,999(128GB)
Redmi Note 8 ProRs 16,999(128GB)
POCO F1Rs 20,999(128GB)
POCO M2 ProRs 14,999(64GB)


realme company

Realme is known for its economical range products. It was established on 4th May 2018 but soon acquired 14% India’s market share because of its quality products at lower prices. Realme has many products like smartwatch, TV’s, powerbanks, backpacks, earbuds, etc.

It is a Chinese company founded by Sky Li with headquarters located in Shenzhen. Recently. Realme launched its first smartwatch and TV and they were loved by people specially because of the low prices. Within 10 min around 15,000 units of watch were sold by Realme.


I am also using Realme Smartwatch and its Backpack. At Rs 3,999 its a good option of buy with all essential features. It uses Android operating system. First smartphone by Realme was Realme. Flagships of Realme are priced a bit high but other products are priced very low.

Famous Realme products include Air Buds Neo priced at Rs 2,999, earbuds priced at Rs 1,999, smartwatch as we have discussed above. Top selling phones were Realme 5, Realme C2, C3, Realme 5, Realme 6 .


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  1. Realme X3 Super Zoom with 60x Zoom
  2. buds Q at Rs 1,999
  3. Buds Air Neo
Realme 6Rs 14,999(64GB)
Realme C2Rs 6,499(16GB)
Realme C39,999(64GB)
Realme X3 Super Zoom27,999(128GB
Realme C11Rs 7,499(32GB


oppo company

Oppo is also a Chinse company with headquarters located in Dongguan, China. This brand was launched in 20014 in China and slowly Oppo expanded its business to other countries as well. Tony Chen is the founder and CEO of Oppo.

Oppo is a old brand as compared to OnePlus, Realme but OnePlus and Realme phones are nowdays more loved by people and they are enjoying larger market share in the Indian market. Prices of oppo phones are generally high, so Oppo is not able to compete with Oneplus and Realme.


Top selling phones include Oppo Reno 2, F17 pro, Reno 2F, Reno 10x zoom, etc. Oppo mainly deals in smartphones but also manufactures accessories like headphones. For advertisement, Oppo has sponsored Fc Barcelona and even won the bid to sponsor Indian Cricket Team in 2017.

Oppo should provide best quality phones at lower prices to compete with its competitors. OnePlus was founded by the two former Vice Presidents of Oppo and Oneplus has created a goodwill with their premium phones in India.



Oppo A52

OPPO Reno 2 Rs 38,990(256GB)
OPPO Reno 2FRs 21,990(21,990)
OPPO Reno 10x ZoomRs 412,990(256GB)
OPPO Find XRs 60,990(256GB)


motorola company

It is an Amercian based company but separated as Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. Motorola MObility was formed on 4th January, 2011. In may 2012 Goggle acquired Motorola Mobility. After Google acquired Motorola it launched Moto x 1st generation and 2nd generation in 2014.


In August 2015 Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. Lenovo launched some interesting smartphones like Moto Z and Moto Mods. Some variants of Z series are Z2 play, Z3 and Z4. Motorola also recently launched foldable smartphone known as Razr. Edge and Edge+ were launched in April 2020 are were liked by people.

Motorola is also launching some interesting phones observing the Indian market. Recently it launched Motorola One Fusion+ at Rs 17,499. World’s first thinnest phone was also launched by Motorola in the earlier days.


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  1. Motorola One Fusion+
  2. Motorola Edge and Edge+
Motorola One Fusion+Rs 17,499(128GB)
Motorola RazrRs 1,24,999(128GB)
Motorola Z2 PlayRs12,599(unavailable)
Motorola Edge+Rs 74,999(256GB)


vivo company

Vivo was founded in 2009 and its headquarters are located in Dongguan, China. This company is also owned by BBK electronics who owns OnePlus, Realme and OPPO. Vivo has also sponsored IPL and Indian Pro Kabaddi and Fifa world cup as well.

It enjoys 17% of Indian market share. Vivo has some famous series phones as Vivo V series, Y series, X series. Vivo is also loved by many people in India due to its price range and essential features. Some famous Vivo smartphones are V15, V17 pro and some Y series phones.


Vivo smartphone runs on android based operaing system. Vivo is also trying to compete other chinese companies like Oneplus, Realme and Oppo with its own unique smartphones and accessories. Latest Vivo smartphone is Vivo X50. Vivo has a wide network and its products are sold in many countries.

Vivo V15Rs 26,214(64GB)
Vivo V17 ProRs 29,499(128GB)
Vivo Y15Rs `14,949(64GB)
Vivo Y30Rs 14,990(128GB)
Vivo X50Rs Rs 37,990(256GB)


google pixel

Google as we all know is the biggest search engine in the world called as “google baba” in India. After creating a goodwill, Google introduced its Pixel brand in Feb, 2013. It began with Chromebook Pixel in 2013. These phone uses Chrome OS or Android operating system.


Google announced its first Pixel Smartphone on 4th October 2016 which were named Pixel and Pixel XL. Google offered unlimited cloud storage for photos on Google photos. Pixels were loved by people and especially the unlimited storage feature introduced by Google.

After seeing the growth of Pixels in India, they introduced Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL. Some good things about Google Pixels from my personal experience are in-built quality, classic speakers, unlimited storage to photos and videos in Gdrive, durability. A security is also established with the Google as it is most secured American company.


Some Google Tablets are Pixel C and Pixel Slate and Laptops are Pixelbook, Pixelbook Go and Chromebook pixel. Other products like Pixelbook Pen and Pixel Buds are also much popular. Google Pixel 4a is expected to launch soon.

Pixel 3aRs 30,999(64GB)
Pixel 3a XLRs 34,999(64GB)
Pixel XLRs 66,785(32GB)
Pixel 2Rs 17,999(64GB)
Pixel 2 XLRs 34,999(128GB)

10. ASUS

asus company

Asus is a Taiwanese comopany and its headquarters are located in Beitou District, Taiwan. It was founded by T.H Tung, Ted Hsu in the year 1989. Initially started with laptops with intel processors. Asus launched V70 which runs on Windows during 2000.


They are famous for their ZenFone series and launched its android ZenFone in 2014 named as Zenfone 4, 5 and 6. Asus kept on launching ZenFone series every year which were Zenfone zoom, AR, Max, selfie and many more.

In the year 2018, Asus launched its first gaming phone named as ROG phone. Introduction of the games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile craze for gaming devices have increased in India. Asus saw this opportunity and decided to launch its gaming smartphone series.


In the year 2019, Asus launched Asus ROG Phone 2 smartphone to provide immersive and smooth gaming experience to gamers. ROG phone gaming series were famous amongst gamers and were liked by them. On 22nd July, 2020 Asus is launching ROG Phone 3. ROG 3 will be first smartphone to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+

Zenfone 2Rs 12,999(16GB)
Zenfone 5Rs 8,499(8GB)
Zenfone 4Rs 6,499(8GB)
ROG Phone 1 Rs 26,499(128GB)
ROG Phone 2Rs 62,999(512GB)

The list of Top 10 Mobile Companies in India has ended.



These were the Top 10 Mobile Companies in India with their Market Share, CEO, Headquarters. Xiaomi enjoys the highest 30% market share and sells most Phones in India by Vivo, Samsung, Oppo. Realme has established in the year 2018, but soon gained a high amount of share in the Indian Market due to its priced and quality.

I hope you found this article on “top 10 mobile companies in India” informative. Share and Comment below your thoughts if you liked this article:)