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predator 21x
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In Today’s article I will tell you about Acer predator 21x specs, cost and reviews about Predator 21x. I will also tell you about acer predator 21x price in India amazon and Flipkart as well. Their was also a limited edition of the predator 21x. So without wasting any time, let’s go through the article.

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Display and graphics of Predator 21x

Their is a 21″ FHD LED Curved Display with 1920x1080p supporting IPS Technology. 21x packs NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI along with a dedicated memory accessibility. Their is upto 16GB memory graphics technology. This is the first notebook to feature a curved display.

Predator 21x Processor

The Acer 21x carries intel core i7 7th Gen processor supported by Windows 10 Home. You will get 2.90GHz processor speed and Quad Core processor core. As it is a gaming laptop, so you will get a massive speed while playing games.


Other specs

predator 21x

You will 5 fan cooling system that will cool your laptop within minimal time, so that you play your games for as long as you want. The 5x cooling system will always help you to keep your laptop cool. Their are also 3 fans specially for the CPU/GPU to keep them cool all the time.

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When you are not in the mood to wear your headphones while playing, Their are 4.2 speakers. You will get 4 speakers + 2 subwoofers supported by Dolby Audio premium which will provide you a brilliant sound quality that you have never heard before.

You will get built in microphone with stereo sound mode and 4 speakers but their is no fingerprint reader. Their is a 6000mAh lithium ion battery that will provide you a good battery life. The predator 21x weight is approximately 8.50 Kg.


You will get 1TB storage in the predator 21x but no optical drive. Their is a SD card support as well and supported by 64GB Standard memory.

Keyboard of predator 21x

acer predator 21x

The keyboard of Acer 21x is supported by Cherry MX switch technology that will allow you to press each key easily. Your gaming experience will also become smooth as keys are the most important part in a laptop. Also along with such beautiful keyboard mechanism, you will also get backlit keys to use the laptop efficiently in the night.


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Also, when you type using normal laptop, you surely hears a lot of noise after pressing any key. But with Mechanical MX Brown technology, the noise after pressing the keys has been completely vanished. This is a really smart move by Acer.


Each and every part of the laptop is precisely designed including edges, power key, num keys. Everything is designed neatly and carefully to provide you a brilliant gaming experience. The complete laptop is made of Aluminum to provide you durability and better experience.

predator 21x

Acer Predator 21x price in India amazon is Rs 6,99,999. It is the most premium laptop by them. Acer Predator 21x costs too high. So this laptop is not made for the beginner, it is only for the pro level gamers. Currently this laptop is out of stock, you can purchase this laptop on special order.


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