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Today i will be discussing 11 helful uses with a small OTG Cable with your android phone. Some of these hacks are common but some are a bit different. I have tried to provide you the hacks which can help you a lot. These hacks will completely change your phone experience.

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List of hacks that i will discuss are :

  1. USB Pendrive
  2. USB SD Card
  3. Charging one Phone from another Phone
  4. USB Mouse
  5. USB Keyboard
  6. USB Light
  7. USB Fan
  8. USB Internet
  9. USB to LAN Adapter
  10. USB Sound Card
  11. Print via OTG

USB Pendrive / USB SD Card

usb pendrive via otg cable

The first hack that i will discuss is most common i.e tranferring of data. Through OTG cable you can easily transfer your images, videos and documents in your phone that is stored in pendrives or SD Card.

Inserting an OTG Cable in your phone will create a USB Port and you will be able to send your data in your phone. Sometimes when we click photos in the DSLR and we need to send them in our phone. With the help of SD Card reader, you will be able to send them instantly.


This hack was the basic one, many people knows about this hack. But i shared this as well for the one’s who are unaware.

Charging one Phone from another Phone

This is the most interesting hack, i also personally love this hack and it can be really useful. You can charge one phone from another phone with the help of OTG. I am not joking, you can try it right now after reading this article.


I have first tried charging my two phones in the video that i have posted above. I have clearly showed that i have charged two phones with OTG. This hack is useful if you do not have a powerbank, you can easily charge with another phone. Secondary phone will act as a powerbank to charge your main phone.

This hack is really helpful even if you are travelling somewhere. You are going somewhere and forgot to take a powerbank but you are carrying OTG, you can charge your phone from your secondary phone.


USB Mouse / Keyboard via OTG Cable

usb mouse via otg cable

The next trick is the USB keyboard and mouse. After inserting keyboard you can easily type long articles quickly if you do not have any laptop. You can easily type long text just by connecting a Keyboard in your phone through an OTG Cable.

USB Mouse can help you in 2 ways :

Firstly, many times display of the phones does not works properly but after connecting a mouse you can operate your phone smoothly. This can be really helpful when the display hangs or does not works. You can still use your old phone with a mouse.


Secondly, you can install windows XP, 7, 8 and even Windows 10 in your smartphone according to the suitable processor and you can use your phone like a PC or laptop. After installing windows, connect a mouse via OTG and you can have a PC feeling in your phone.

USB Fan / Light

usb fan

You can also turn on a USB Light and Fan which is available on Amazon. OTG Cable creates a USB port and you can simply fix a light which looks really cool. You can amaze people by showing that light glowing that light through your phone.


Also, by inserting a fan you can cool your phone if it gets hot. Turning on fan with your phone also looks cool. You can easily purchase these lights and fans through amazon or flipkart under Rs 100. This trick can be helpful to some people.

USB Internet / LAN Adapter

usb lan adapter

Through the USB to LAN adapter and internet you can use direct wifi in your phone through a internet dongal. Earlier Telecom companies like idea, docomo used to have a USB dongal to have a direct wifi access through USB ports. so, with that dongal you can enjoy fast speed internet.


Also, their is a USB to LAN Adapter available on amazon. Through that adapter you can connect your phone with an ethernet cable that is included in the broadband. Even if the airplane mode is turned on, you can still use internet in your phone. Your phone is connected to a LAN Adapter, so you will get a really faster speed than before.

USB Sound Card

usb sound card

This trick can also be very useful to people having defective 3.5mm headphone jack. Their is a USB sound card available on amazon which can be easily inserted in the OTG. Now no need to repair your headphone jack used for mic or earphones.


In the sound card, their are two 3.5mm jacks for audio and mic. You can easily fix that problem now just with a sound card. Through the charging port you can use the 3.5mm jack. I have showed everything in the above video. You can check out all the useful hacks.

Print via USB through OTG Cable

otg cable

If you do not have a wireless printer through which you can print your documents via wifi. Through an OTG Cable and an App you can easily print your documents through your phone. Their is an App called “Noko Print” which i have also used to print.


Noko print will install a driver in your phone and will print your documents. This is also a very helpful trick to print your documents through manual printers like HP Laser Jet M1005.

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These were some helpful hacks with a small OTG cable. You can do so many things in your phone with a OTG. You can convert your phone into a PC, convert charging port into headphone jack and much more.


Which hack do you liked the most?? I hope your liked this article and found it informative. If you have any Doubt, feel free to ask us in the comment box below:)