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how to recover deleted whatsapp messages
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In this article, i will discuss some ways on how to recover deleted whatsapp messages, photos and even videos in just few steps. After buying a new phone or recovering chats in your old phone, you can simply recover with the help of my article.

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We need to restore our WhatsApp chats, Photos or videos after switching to a new phone or deleting the WhatsApp account. I will tell you some ways to recover deleted whatsapp messages, photos and videos. Don’t get panic! Within few steps you can easily restore your all data in your new phone or old phone.

So, Lets Start Restoring with some simple steps :

  1. First you need to check that the chat backup option on your whatsapp chat is set to daily. If it is set to daily, then you will easily recover your each and every chat anytime.

2. If you have bought a new phone, Firstly stetup your Google account with the same account that you have used in your old phone. ( Setup your Google Account >>Step-2)


3. Install WhatsApp messenger from Play Store or App Store. ( Install WhatsApp Messenger >> Step-3)

4. Enter your phone number and then click “Allow whatsapp to access your contacts and photos, videos. ( Enter phone number >> Click allow >> Photos, contacts and videos >> Step-4)


5. Whatsapp will scan for any backups in your phone. After finding the backup, You will get a message “Restore” or “Skip”. Click on Restore to start restoring the Backup found by WhatsApp. ( Click Restore >> Step-5)

6. It will take around 2 minutes to restore your messages. Enter your name and enjoy! ( Just Enter your name >>Step-6)


Note : Messages that you have receiving during the time of backup or the messages which are not found by WhatsApp during the backup process will not get restored.

Backup in Old Phone :

If you have deleted your chats and your chat backup is set to “Daily”, you will be able to restore your chats. Just “Uninstall” your WhatsApp and then “Reinstall” it and just follow the above mentioned Steps to backup your messages. ( Uninstall WhatsApp >> Reinstall >> Follow above steps)


WAMR– Recover Deleted Messages

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The another way to recover your deleted chats or check the message which have been “deleted by the sender” is WAMR App. Just install WAMR from the play store. You can recover deleted messages of apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

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  1. Install WAMR from the play store or app store (Install WAMR >> Step-1
  2. Agree to Terms and Conditions by WAMR and select the apps to monitor like WhatsApp, IG, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. (Accept T&C >> Select Apps to monitor >> Step-2)
  3. Allow WAMR to backup your messages, photos and videos. Also allow WAMR to show notifications. (Allow message backup << Allow Notifications << Step-3)
  4. You are ready to have backup and now you will be able to see “Recently Deleted Messages as well in the notification bar.

Note : If the sender deletes the message while you are reading that chat, then WAMR will not able to recover that deleted message. WAMR Detects the notication and will show you the deleted message in the WAMR Notification bar.


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These were the 2 ways about “how to recover deleted whatsapp messages“. 1st method is bit common but the 2nd method is newer. You can easily restore your future messages with the help of WAMR and you can even read “recently deleted messages” with WAMR.

I hope you liked this article and found it informative. If you have any question in your mind, Feel free to ask us in the comment box below:)