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how to make a thumbnail
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Are you looking for “how to make a thumbnail”? Do not worry, i will guide you about how to make a professional Thumbnail for your YouTube Videos. I will teach you some tips and techniques about how you can create thumbnails that will force people to click on your vidoes. This will also increase your engagement and reach.

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What is a Thumbnail?

I will discuss everything in simpler terms, so that you could understand better! So a Thumbnail is basically a poster of your video that describes about what your video is all about or what will you gonna do in your video.

For example, if a new phone have been launched and you created a video for its unboxing. So, it’s a new phone and if you will add the box of that phone in the thumbnail, people will be eager to watch that unboxing video. So this is called as Thumbnail i.e a poster that describer your video!


Why a thumbnail is important?

A thumbnail a important to beat your competitors. At an initial stage, if you are growing your channel and you do not have much subscribers. The only way to rank your videos is by creating appealing thumbnails and choosing the right keywords. Creating clickable thumbnails will also increase your click through rate.

For example, you created any video on YouTube and that video is ranking on number 3rd position. If your thumbnail is more attractive than the first two videos, than people will surely click your video first.


YouTube algorithm will understand that your video has good content than the above two videos and it will slowly push your videos. This will happen if many people will click on your video first.

What a Good Thumbnail should include?

  1. The Main Title of your video
  2. The main points of your video in shorter keywords
  3. Your image (as it looks more attractive)
  4. Any image of the topic of your video ( like Mobile, Food, etc)
  5. A good Background is also must
  6. A bright text colour (Red and yellow are eye catching colours)
  7. A perfect thumbnail size i.e 1280p x 720p
  8. The language of your video (optional)
  9. Some interesting elements ( If Video related to YouTube, You can add Logo of YouTube)

How to make a Thumbnail?

1. Background of the Thumbnail

This is the first part of the thumbnail, you have to add any background to make your thumbnail more interesting. I will show you step by step process of ” How to make a thumbnail for youtube videos in canva“. I use canva to create all thumbs, it is the best.


So i have randomly added a background to make it more attractive. Their are 100’s of background available on Canva, you can choose any of them that suits you.

2. The Main Title

The first part of “How to make a YouTube Thumbnail” is the main title of your video. The main title of your video should be their on the top of the poster as it completely describes your video. Use a bolder text and an eye catching colour for the title( According to me).


So this the title of our Thumbnail, i will explain you step by step. After choosing a suitable background, i wrote the main title of my Article. I choose “Shrikhand” text font and an eye catching text colour i.e red color.

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3. Your Image

The next step that comes in creating an attractive thumbnail is adding your image. Adding your image basically looks attractive and maintains a relationship with your viewers. Some people easily clicks the thumbnail of that video that shows the image of the creator.

As you can see, i have addded my image after choosing an appropriate background, a good title and my image as well. This image pleases people to click to your video thereby increasing your click through rate.


4. Any image of the Topic of your Video

Now in the next step, you will add some image reflecting to the topic of your video. Like, i am writing this post about how to create a Thumbnail for Youtube videos, so I have added some of my old thumbnails in this.

It will encourage people to open my video as they will see some of my old interesting thumbnails. So, you can add your images according to your creativity.


5. A brighter Text colour

In the main title of my thumbnail, i have already added a brighter text colour i.e Red or yellow. Benefit of adding a brighter color is that they are eye catching colors. When ever we see yellow or red colours, suddenly our eyes goes their, so it will also increase your click through rate.

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6. A perfect Thumbnail Size

A perfect thumbnail size is very important as recommended by YouTube i.e 1280p x 720p. I use Canva as their are particular templates like for Instagram post, Blog banner, Thumbnails and many other. You just have to choose your required template and will make your job easy. So my thumbnail size is up to date i.e 1280p x 720p.

7. Language of your video

Adding a language to your video can also be important. As when any viewer knows Hindi only and is looking for any video in the Hindi language, he will see the word Hindi or English written on your Thumbnail and will surely click. So, this is the benefit of adding the language of your video.


As you can see in the right bottom of this thumbnail, I have added English as the viewer that is searching for an appropriate video will see in the thumbnail itself, and will click on your video first than the other.

8. Adding some elements

Adding some elements also draws a sudden attention to your Thumbnail. Like my video is related to YouTube, so I will add a YouTube logo that will draw some attention in the eyes of my viewers. This will also increase your click through rate.


It may be not looking good, as i was not having appropriate space to add this logo. But i was giving you an example that in this way you can add elements relating to your video.

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9. Main points of your video in shorter Keywords

If you add 1 or 2 keywords that describes a part of your video, people will came to know about your video in advance. Like if any person is looking for a quick thumbnail maker and if i add “Make Thumbnails in just 2 mins”. This keyword will force that viewer to click to my video.

Now i have also added a Keyword in this thumbnail. I have also added a brighter and eye catching text colour i.e yellow colour. P.S – Again this keyword may be looking ugly, but it’s just an Example.



I hope you liked this article about “how to create a thumbnail for youtube videos in canva”. Follow all the steps as mentioned above to create a professional thumbnail like me. Do like, Share and comment your thoughts about this article in the comment box below 🙂