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As we knew that PUBG India was banned in India last September due to Government regulations. But now Krafton is back with Battleground Mobile India with following the rules and regulations. Krafton has also revealed some features about their new game and they have also launched their logo on their YouTube channel as well. Their are many rules and regulations that Krafton need to follow which also includes some rules for children below 18 years. Check out this article if you want to know everything about Battleground Mobile India.

What Krafton is saying about Battleground Mobile India?

Krafton has announced on 6th May that Battleground Mobile is officially launching in India. They have said that this game will offer a world class multi player gaming experience.  BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will release with exclusive in-game events like outfits and features and will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues. The game will launch as a free-to-play experience on mobile devices.


Battleground Mobile India Launch Date?

battleground mobile india

For the release date, Krafton has not mentioned any specific date for the game to be launched. But they have clearly said that Battleground will have a pre registration before its launching on their official website. This game will be completely free to play which is obvious.

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It will be available for both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from Google play store and App store respectively. Krafton won’t charge any money to download this game as they know that their users will get reduced as PUBG India was also free to download earlier.

Battleground Mobile India Features

Krafton has said about some unique features in a press release :


1. The first major feature is that when a player will land in the game, the Avatar will be covered with full clothes. As earlier in PUBG Mobile if the user is not dressed up, he/she lands up naked. So, following the Indian sentiments Krafton will follow all the rules guided by Indian Government. Children will have a bad image in their mind if they will see the naked avatars.

2. Also, their will be no bloodsheds in the Battlegrounds Mobile India. It means that when you will kill an enemy their will be no red blood. Now you will see a green colored liquid when you kill someone. This feature is also according to goverment rules as children below 18 are not supposed to watch violence and bloodshed.


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3. You cannot play Battlegrounds Mobile with any player outside India. It is available for only Indian users that’s why it is named Battleground Mobile India. You can only play solo or multi players with Indian users only.


Restrictions for players below 18 Years

The players below 18 years have some restrictions while playing Battleground India :

1. According to Krafton, children below 18 years should have a consent from parents before playing the game. They have to enter the phone number of their parents in order to play it. So, firstly they have to verify the parental consent.


2. Also, minors cannot play for more than 3 hours a day. That’s an amazing feature as PUBG was really addictive and children used to play for much longer time. Minors can also not spend more than Rs 7000 on in app purchases in Battlegrounds Mobile India.